For the Birds (and Bees!!)
Available in the store thru December
Available on-line now and in 2016

At Rootin' Ridge Toymakers, we actively support the wildlife conservation efforts of  the Travis Audubon Society and the Chimney Swift Conservation Association.   A portion of the proceeds from the sale of  all items goes to support the work of these fine organizations.  For more information and to order these items, please visit this web site:

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Suet Feeder

Suet feeders are designed to provide supplemental feeding for "clinging" birds such as:  Wood Peckers, Titmice, Chickadees, Nuthatches, and some species of warblers.

Pre-packaged suet cakes are the easiest to use, and will slide easily into this feeder.  $25.00

Juniper Log Feeder

Many of our common backyard birds
love peanut butter.    Hand-crafted from logs harvested from the Travis Audubon Society's Chaetura Canyon Bird Sanctuary in Central Texas, these feeders come with a recipe for "Mama C's Cardinal Cookie Dough" that is irresistible to  a surprising variety of birds including chickadees, titmice, wrens, warblers, cardinals, jays and woodpeckers.  Each feeder is approximately 12" in length and has a unique shape created by nature.  $20.00

Mason Bee Bungalow

Many species of cavity nesting birds are declining all across North America.  You can make a difference by installing nest boxes around your home.  These high-quality cedar boxes will provide homes for wrens, bluebirds, flycatchers, titmice, chickadees and many more.  Choose a kit to build as a family project, or order a completed nest box ready to install.
Kit $20.00 / pre-assembled $30.00

Mason Bee Bungalow

Orchard Mason Bees are excellent pollinators and several species occur naturally throughout the United States. In nature they nest in beetle galleries in wood. Unlike carpenter bees, Mason Bees are never destructive to homes or other wooden structures because they do not excavate nest holes themselves.   But this means that nest holes may be in short supply.  This bee house will encourage Mason Bees to take up residence in your flower or vegetable garden.  It is the insect equivalent of a bird house.
9"  tall Cedar with copper top:  $20.00

Books about Birds

Chimney Swifts:
America's Mysterious Birds
above the Fireplace
Paul D. Kyle and Georgean Z. Kyle
Illustrated by Georgean Z. Kyle
Photography by Paul D. Kyle

   "This is a truly outstanding book on a fascinating subject, by a remarkable husband and wife team who have followed their passions and devoted decades of their lives to the study, conservation, of Chimney Swifts." --James R. Hill founder , Purple Martin Conservation Association.

Paper Back:  $16.95 / Cloth:  $34.00

Chimney Swift Towers
New Habitat for America's Mysterious Birds
Paul D. Kyle and Georgean Z. Kyle

  • design basics
  • lists of materials needed
  • useful diagrams and photographs
  • and detailed instructions on site preparation, tower construction,
  • installation, and maintenance

Paper Back:  $12.95